Drinking Weather
Drinking Weather
Suggested Drinks
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  • Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Thumb Up Thumb Down
  • Seven and Seven Thumb Up Thumb Down
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey Thumb Up Thumb Down
  • Merlot Thumb Up Thumb Down
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About Drinking Weather

At Drinkingweather.com, we are not in the business of telling adults what to do.   Instead, we are here to make suggestions and provoke thoughtful drink choices that could enhance your drinking experience. We strive to match up the perfect drink for the time, weather and place


Weather– “You can’t control the weather”  – We hear it all the time and it is true.  However, we  can control what we imbibe in that weather.  If it’s cold, a warm concoction serves the dual purpose of keeping you comfortable and able to enjoy the moment, even if it’s below freezing.  Conversely, if it’s hot, an ice cold beer may hit the spot.  This may seem obvious but there are choices within those drink genres that can make all the difference.  As creatures of habit, we may mindlessly order the same beer or drink, however  by taking a moment ( and some suggestions from us) you can add a twist to your order or better yet, try something entirely different which can lead to not only an enhanced drinking experience, but a new one all together.


Place  Being aware of the weather can influence your drink choice but another factor is maximizing the place or event you are at.  I am a huge fan of the local tavern or watering hole.  The level of familiarity and consistency can be reassuring, particularly if you are unable to get out much.  However, there may be a time when you are out of town or invited to a place that you have never been.  The choices may be limited or foreign to you.  For example, if it’s your first visit to a German Bier Garden on a sunny, warm afternoon, you may want to opt for the Shandy/Radler, a lemonade or ginger ale and beer combination.  This would create a more authentic  German experience , especially if others decide to join you. In addition, we will spotlight some bars with signature drinks and bartenders who will share their wisdom and  expertise with the hope of growing your drink repertoire.

Time– The reason for lifting a drink may also influence your choices.  If your purpose is to overindulge, I’m sure you are fully aware of what you need to do and please make travel arrangements in advance.  However, if you are celebrating a holiday, attending an event or hosting a party, Drinkingweather.com may be of assistance.   For example, the purpose of a St. Patrick’s Day parade is to embrace the Irish culture and celebrate the day.  This would warrant a Guiness and nip of Jameson Irish Whiskey.  At Drinkingweather.com, we strive to mix and match your purpose for celebrating with the perfect drink choice.

At the end of the day, the biggest factor in a good time is really the company you are with.  We can’t be of much assistance with choosing your friends and acquaintances but we can provide you guidance and drink choices when it comes to the time, weather and place.





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