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Passover doesn’t mean you have to take a pass when it comes to having a nice strong drink. While drinking during this Holy Holiday, the normal beverage of choice is a Manischewitz wine. Choices are limited due to strict dietary traditions that do not allow the consumption of any food or beverages made from one of the following five grains: wheat, barely, oat, spelt, or rye. Products from these grains are considered chametz or leavened food. However alcoholic beverages made from yeast produced from grapes or its sugars are not only Kosher but Passover approved as long as the process of its creation has been monitored by a Rabbi to make sure no ingredients added are among the five grains mentioned above.

However you do not have to be stuck drinking the traditional trite Manischewitz wine. This year feel free to switch it up with a plumb brandy or if you want your Passover Seder to really get wild try Agave 99 Tequila or Don Pilar Anejo.  Not all kosher tequilas are kosher-for-Passover, but these two are certified by the Orthodox Union for Passover. I approve them as a perfect addition to dinner. Plum brandies are a favorite among Eastern Europeans celebrating the Passover holiday. We recommend Mosby Slivovitz Plum Brandy. This brandy is produced from some of the best plums in the country. Harvested from an orchard in San Benito County, California, this delightful spirit is perfect for the occasion. As the website says, “Made from wild California plums, a noble end to a meal.” This award winning brandy can be purchased for $55.00 for 750ml, and it packs a bigger punch at 88.6% proof than your typical Manischewitz wine.

Finally, what about a brew? No way you can have beer for Passover. Everyone knows beer is made from the grains wheat or barely. Well there is one brewery in the U.S. that does brew a Kosher for Passover beer. Ramapo Valley Brewery in Hillburn, New York is the only brewery in the nation that makes this special brew. They make a Passover Honey Lagar that is honey-based and gluten free. This innovated brew is made wheat and barely free. The main fermented ingredient is amber honey. Molasses is added to add color, nutrients, and flavor. To add a little bitterness to this sweet delight, noble hops are the perfect addition.

Put that glass of sweet Manischewitz wine down and pick up one of our recommending alternatives and enjoy your family during this Passover holiday.




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