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Fort Lauderdale, FL
Partly Cloudy
Thu, Jul 19
Chance of Storm
Fri, Jul 20
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Sat, Jul 21
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Sun, Jul 22
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Drinking Weather
Suggested Drinks
  • New Belgium Somersault Thumb Up Thumb Down
  • Unibroue Blanche de Chambly Thumb Up Thumb Down
  • Long Island Iced Tea Thumb Up Thumb Down
  • Mojito Thumb Up Thumb Down
  • Pinot Grigio Thumb Up Thumb Down
  • Champagne Thumb Up Thumb Down
Question Of The Week

Q. Bryan L. from Syracuse, NY asks….What are the parameters for beer drinking on the 4th of July? Thanks, I love the site.

A. Great question Bryan. Rule #1 and the only rule is you must drink American beer. Drinking beer from any country we have been to war with is a big no-no. So no German, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, etc beers. Furthermore, drinking a British beer will get you charged with high treason! Bonus points for drinking Sam Adams or any can beer with the RED! WHITE! & BLUE! i.e. PBR, and Bud. Finally we at Drinkingweather.com, in true American spirit, support all homegrown craft beers that have been made by taking a dream adding what we call a little hard work and producing fermented goodness for all to enjoy. Drink your beer and light your fireworks responsibly.  Thank you and God Bless America!

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