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Drinking Weather
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DrinkingWeather.com Spring Break Edition

Here at DrinkingWeather.com we like to drink for all occasions and none may be bigger than Spring Break. The destination of your Spring Break will determine the drinks we recommend. Here are some examples to help you choose the proper libation during this most important get-a-way from “life”:
Mexico: When in Mexico we know what NOT to drink…the water! On my trips to Cancun and Cozumel I did not want to feel the wrath of Montezuma’s Revenge (travelers diarrhea). That means stay away from icy drinks. The sunny hot weather will tempt you to order a frosty daiquiri or pina colada but we recommend that you resist and stick to good ole cerveza. Now when most Yankees think of Mexican beer they think Corona, well we say NO! I would chose from the following 3:


Pacifico– this is a light refreshing beer that you can drink all day while you frolic in the sun, and you don’t need a lime.


Negra Modelo– if you are into darker beers, then this is your pick. Its bold yet light so you won’t feel bloated as you play away.


Dos Equis– he doesn’t always drink beer but when he does he drinks Dos Equis. This beer, like the Most Interesting Man in the World, is strong yet smooth. Plus we needed at least one green bottle beer.

Florida Beaches: It’s important when visiting this hot humid sandy paradise to keep your pallette wet. With domestic water on tap you can expand your drink options unlike many foreign destinations. Women (and men comfortable enough with themselves) replenish your electrolytes with a strawberry daiquiri or pina colada or get wild and mix the 2 for a Miami Vice. If you are a vodka drinker I suggest a vodka soda with a lemon instead of lime. The lemon makes it a little more refreshing and mixing with soda will help you keep your bathing suit body you worked so hard to get the past few months. DANGER ALERT! Dude flavored vodka by Three Olives makes one dangerous drink that may have you covered in Sharpie ink and in interesting poses thanks to your buddies. This vodka mixed with water and sour mix taste just like lemon-lime Gatorade. It is unbelievably refreshing and delicious but packs a powerful punch. Rum drinkers let loose with rumrunners or my favorite rum in the sun drink a Captain and Sprite. At night let the tequila shots flow. Our beers of choice are Blue Moon (or any Belgium Style Wheat) or Sam Adams Alpine Spring. If you want to get really crazy grab a Corona and add a tequila shot as a floater. If you are looking to just maintain an already good buzz stick to our list of yard beers and grab a Coors Light or Bud Light.

The Slopes: If you are going to Utah to ski BYOB! All other places should have plenty of good drinking establishments. We suggest you purchase a flask (If you are reading this you probably have one so bring it with you) and fill it with a dark liquor. I come from a Jack Daniels family and that would be my choice. If you are a bunny sloper and straight Jack is a little too tough for you I suggest you make an Apple Jack. Mix warm apple cider with your Jack Daniels for a nice sweet strong drink to help keep you warm on the slopes. If your Spring Break falls during St. Patrick’s Day then please switch to Jameson. After a long day on the mountain feel free to switch to a refreshing beer. I highly recommend one of God’s well not God’s but the German’s greatest creation, the radler. This German beer/lemonade concoction is amazing after a day on the slopes. Fill half your mug up with a German Weissbier (wheat beer) and top it off with lemonade and mix it together. This German version of an Arnold Palmer will have you thirsting for more.


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